What's“Universal Kids”about ?

“Universal Kids” provides young children with a comprehensive education and an environment that enables them to acquire knowledge and skills through living with their peers and the teachers. The development of a child’s intelligence and athletic ability during his or her infancy is much more significant than in any other stage. Therefor, we should make the best use of the resources that the children at these precious stages have in them.

What do we value more than anything? What are we particular about ?

We think from mummies’ viewpoints. We have been and will be inquiring the services that suit most the convenience of all the parents, as well as the education and the environment that they wish to provide their children with. A variety of fun activities that young children should experience are incorporated throughout our curriculum, which enhances their inner ability to develop.

An ideal location

img Our nursery is conveniently located near Tsuzuki Fureainooka station - just across the street!-. The facilities such as parks, the gymnasium and the swimming pool are in walking distance. Therefore when there is a swimming class, the children need only to put on their bathing suit, and off they go!

The nursery has an area of 330 square meters.

imgThe thick cork floor allows young children to enjoy singing songs, playing the musical instruments, or just moving around, even on rainy days.

☆	Too sad to leave your mommy?

imgDon’t worry. As soon as you see the big yellow Pikachu bus coming to pick you up, you will stop crying!

Staff members

imgAll of our staff members have certificates and experience in early childhood education. Being in charge of guiding your dear children are native speakers of English and Japanese female instructors who have taught young children in international schools both in the U.S. and Japan for many years. They know well how young children acquire knowledge.

We consider teaching Japanese is as important as teaching English.

imgWe provide your children with sufficient Japanese education to enter Japanese elementary school.

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How do we view educating young children to increace intelligence, English and athletic ability?

Intelligence education

We believe children should be engaged in activities that are enjoyable for them. We focus on the process of a child achieving a certain result. It enhances the development of a child’s memory, ability to think and apply the answers he or she has found to solve more difficult problems.

English education

We aim to equip the children with competence in a wide range of skills such as listening, writing and reading. After they finish the nursery, the children can attend our after-school classes so that they can improve their English competence.

Athletic education

Our curriculum is designed so that any children will like doing an exercise. It is now said that children can be enhanced to develop both intelligence and athletic ability if they are provided with a rich educational environment until they are eight to nine years of age. For this reason, we should encourage young children to do balanced exercises so that they will increase their stamina and be able to fulfill their potential when they grow older.

The content of our nursery education program

English, preparatory work for the STEP Test in Practical English Proficiency, intelligence education, music, musical instruments including piano, cooking, swimming, exercises, gymnastics, soccer, baseball, rhythmics, IT, art, drama, park time, and so forth.

Our courses

Select Half: 8:30 〜 14:30.
You can decide any 12 days per month except Saturday and Sunday.
Select Full : 7:30 〜 19:00.
You can decide any 12 days per month except Saturday and Sunday.
Half 8:30 〜 14:30 Monday through Friday
Regular: 8:30 〜 17:00 Monday through Friday
Full: 7:30 〜 19:00 Monday through Friday

e of schoolchildren after school hours

Presently, we have a five (5) day course; Monday to Friday, ~ 20:00. We drive the child to and from the nursery (the school your child attends - Universal Kids - the child’s home).
Optional: We can drive your child to lessons.


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